<![CDATA[Perfect Worde - Compassion: Being Better]]>Thu, 17 Dec 2015 14:53:04 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Blessed...]]>Sun, 07 Jun 2015 03:53:27 GMThttp://perfectworde.weebly.com/compassion-being-better/blessedMy family is so unbelievably blessed to be correspondence sponsors for Compassion.   We have received many letters and picture updates over the last couple of years from our now two children.   They tell us about the amazing things happening in their lives, along with cute pictures.  We get to see the language they correspond in firsthand.   But, on a serious note, they ask us for our prayers.  Whether it be simple prayers like for a good harvest, or over a school term....to serious prayers for sick family members or issues going on in their communities.

It's easy to continuously complain about the woes and less than fortunate circumstances in our own lives, but hearing from our kids really makes me appreciate the little bits I have here and now.  

So, please pray for your circumstance giving thanks at how fortunate we truly are living where we live. 
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I have always wanted to adopt or sponsor a child whether from the U.S. or from abroad.  I once envisioned myself having a family of 5 children, but sure enough I only have one child, with a continuing yearning to give and give in order to model compassion and caring regardless of how moral-less our world currently is.
While studying at Olivet Nazarene University, I belonged to Tau Theta- Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society.  One of our profession advisers had spent time over in West Africa, specifically Burkina Faso working with their University.  Since participating in that fellowship and ministry, she got our chapter involved.  For two consecutive years, I help print out research for research paper topics sent to us from the professors and students of overseas university. In addition, several Chapter members went over on a summer MIA trip to personally bring over the research and devote time to help the students perfect their paper's and writing skills.  I had wanted to go, but with a young child at home... my resources were extremely limited.  But years later, I found a way to give back without it breaking my family bank.  All this requires is my time and devotion. 
I came across some information in a magazine that talked about sponsoring children, and purchasing various gifts for under-privileged families overseas all over the world.  The company is known as Compassion International.  I had been really struggling wanting to get more involved in order to connect with others globally.  My prayer had been answered because on December 13th via Facebook; Compassion International's page posted a request for correspondence sponsors.  Apparently, there were 300+ children who had been blessed with financial sponsorships, but those individuals couldn't go the extra mile by communicating with their children.  It didn't take me long to respond to the call.  I sent off my email and patiently awaited for a reply, which took some time due to individuals being on vacation during the holidays.  Our family finally gotta assigned a correspondence child who just so happens to be from Burkina Faso.  Imagine that! 

She was 14 (15 on Dec. 31, 2012) years old from Burkina Faso, Africa. Our family has taken on the exciting task in sponsorship of this child by corresponding with her through Compassion International. We are so excited to share our world and love with her.

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